Making Training Accessible

For too long, training has been a case of delivery and learning through reading and memorisation, with no real engagement from trainees. The net result of this is that employees have ticked the boxes, but haven’t retained the necessary knowledge, or considered its application. At The Training Centre, we deliver our Courses in a blended learning format, a technique which is now used in modern-day classrooms and universities across the country. Blended learning consists of a combination of face-to-face training, team exercises, mini-tests and discussion which delivers diversity and therefore increases engagement and motivation. By having a face-to-face element, there is an instructional factor to training, with the discussion sections allowing for autonomy, gamification and the opportunity for learners to demonstrate that they have understood, rather than simply learnt. It is a myth that training needs to be boring; no matter the subject, we deliver courses that genuinely engage, and our trainees perform better on the courses themselves, and later in the workplace, as a result of our dynamic, varied, blended approach. As a ISO 9001 certified company, we are dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our courses and their delivery. The cornerstone of this is client feedback. We value all kinds of feedback from our trainees, and we spend a great deal of time investigating how this feedback can lead to tangible enhancements to our offerings at The Training Centre.