Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Scheme (ELCAS)

The MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) provides financial support to service leavers for training and certification. The Training Centre, as part of the MSC team, are an ELCAS provider and offer a range of courses that can be booked using ELCs.

ELCs can be used for up to 5 years after leaving. There are 3 funding tiers:

Lower Tier ELC funding – Up to £2,000 available to claim; each claim being utilised per financial year, over 3 years. This allows you to get 1 award per financial year.

Aggregated Lower Tier funding – a single credit of up to £3,000 for those who have completed 6+ years 1st April 2016.

Upper Tier funding – allows for a maximum of 3 awards of up to £2,000 per financial year. This is valid for those who have completed 8 years+ of qualifying service.

How to Book

We have a discounted pricing structure for all courses booked using ELCs. To book a course using ELCs, please contact our ELCAS specialist, Evonne Gourlay on Evonne.gourlay@mscltd.org

For help with existing bookings, please contact our dedicated Customer Service Team on admin@mscltd.org.

Please note: only one claim can be made per transaction and you must use the whole claim with the same provider. All courses must be covered by the National Qualifications Framework, level 3 or above