Career Pathways

At the Training Centre, we understand how difficult it can be to plot your career path and the specific training you need to achieve your goals. As experts in our fields, we have first-hand experience of the value of certain courses, and the lack of others. We have carefully chosen the best training courses to help our delegates fast-track their careers and progress with confidence.

The routes detailed below are designed to allow for progress from Foundation Level through to Managerial and Professional Levelqualifications. We regularly scour the market for new possibilities and pathways, but these represent our recommendations based on our research and experience. As always, if you wish to talk to us about selecting a slightly different path, just give us a call and we will happily investigate your options in more detail.

Securities & Investments

This Securities and Investments training study route follows typical career paths in the financial services sector. The Introduction to Investment Foundation Qualification is a non-technical starting point that can be followed by the Investment Operations Certificate (IOC) or a technical specialist subject. Finally, delegates can achieve proficiency in our higher-level Diploma in Investment Compliance.

Cyber Security Route 1 - Technical

Technical Cyber Security training and Cyber Security Management Training are typically split into two separate pathways, but both begin with a foundational knowledge base. The Comptia route provides the ideal starting point for delegates, who can then choose to pursue either CySA+ or Pentest+, depending on their preferred field.

Cyber Security Route 2 - Managerial

The Comptia Security + course provides an excellent foundation from which delegates can choose to specialise in technical cybersecurity or progress into a Management or Consultancy position.

IT Governance

IT Governance training has never been more valuable, at a time when a number of high-profile companies have suffered a loss of systems access (RBS, Tesco) or complete bankruptcy as suffered by Lehman Brothers in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis. A positive implementation strategy and the establishment of robust processes and practices is now considered a priority by many businesses who do not want to become the next headline. A career in IT governance is a chance to achieve a high level of success in this arena.

Data Protection

The EU GDPR has seen a shift towards data privacy as a major priority in the last year, with the threat of heavy fines a real motivator for executive managers. As a result, new roles for Data Protection Officers have been established, with a focus on identifying, auditing and implementing new processes that are GDPR compliant and can be applied across entire enterprises.

Risk Management

Risk Management training can open up a wide range of career development opportunities, whether within IT Risk, Environmental Risk or Credit Risk. This is a major focus of businesses today, and Risk Professionals are considered valuable commodities within major enterprises. A Risk Management career pathway will teach you how to identify and reduce risk in many aspects of an enterprise, and it is the fact that Risk Management is so valuable within all sectors of a business that provides the opportunity for so much flexibility in terms of this career path.